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Free Agent "I'm A Monster"

This is by far the bestmusic video ever created! Thanks to Director Raymond Schlogel and costumes by Matt Garcia & Michael Lynn Garcia of Global Fear Enterprises,(Star from syfy's FACEOFF) This video was very fun to make and we hope you enjoy!

Free Agent at club Chrome in Dallas Tx.


​Check out Free Agent perform live at club Chrome in Dallas Tx. If you would like to attend one of Chivas Kimber or Free Agent's concerts, be sure to join one of our social networks and become part of our circle. We would love to see you out there!

Atmosphere Album Promo

​Here you will find a 30 second clip of the songs off my debut album atmosphere. If you like what you hear make sure to download this album from your favorite online retailer.If you are low on cash and you hear a song you just can't live without, shoot me an email and I'll send it free of charge!

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